2Late By @IAmTyannah

March 15, 2016 8:17 am

2Late By @IAmTyannah

Tyannah Vasquez is a vibrant young actress full of life and energy. Tyannah is also a singer and dancer. She caught the bug at the young age of 4 and began her training of several dance styles at the age of 3. Tyannah is also pursuing her love of music. Singing since about the age of 4, Tyannah has a beautiful voice that will undoubtedly take her to the top of the charts. Tyannah’s acting career looks very promising and she has been recently signed by Street Notes Records and Universal Music Group for a distribution contract. Keep your eye on this bright star.You wont want to miss a second of it.

Instagram: @iamtyannah
Twitter: @iamtyannah
Facebook: facebook.com/tyannahvasquez
Youtube: youtube.com/tyannahvasquez96

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