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March 15, 2015 7:27 pm


Introducing Jason Bakes a/k/a DJ BC#9.

I was signed to Proton and Chic records in 2014.

My song Going On was featured as the opening track on Spring Tube’s Summer Compilation in 2014, and I also signed with Spring Tube records last year.

Link to Going On

Link to Spring Tube’s Summer Compilation

2014 was a great year for me as i signed 5 recording contracts. A feature on the release of my full length electronica album Aquasonica was also the number two most read review on

Link to feature on Aquasonica

Following the release of Aqusonica was the much anticipated EP Liquid Blue . This release would prove yet again the crossover appeal of DJ BC#9 and his multi faceted approach to blending organic and electronic instruments, giving the audience a unique melodically based, groove-driven sound that keeps widening the overall fan base of the BC#9.

Link to Liquid Blue

2015 has been a busy year already for BC#9. The release of his drum and bass single Bad Monday, was debuted on the BBC in Essex to rave reviews. The song was co-produced with BC#9’s colleague Martin Grant of So Real Sounds of London, England.

Link to Bad Monday on BBC Essex

Link to So Real Sounds

The track is now signed by Juno Records of London, England

Link to Bad Monday on Juno

Following the release of Bad Monday, there will be a new album released next month. BC#9 will be releasing three new singles from that full length album next week on iTunes, and everywhere else you can purchase music world wide. The three new singles will be featured in a notable UK music industry blog focusing on trap, hip hop, and house music. Also, a major radio campaign and social media promotion will lift these three singles into the hearts, souls and ears of the followers of the emerging artist BC#9. He brings to this new release a vocal-based, old school classic sounding hip hop style with a smooth house foundation and groove that takes the listener on a journey of sound that returns to the kind of storytelling and urban poetry that seems like the most natural shift for BC#9.

The next move on his musical landscape and view into the human condition is his single Late Nite Urban Beat Poets. After listening to this ultra-lush bed of house echoing synth pads that come glowing behind one of those trademark walking, grooving bass lines that you are sure came out of an early 70’s inspired r&b classic but is also completely modern. This is a late night groove made for after hours. This beautiful, vocally driven song tells a real story of urban life from the perspective of BC#9’s co-writer Brian Robinson of New Jersey. The story of life being viewed from the perspective of looking backwards to gain clarity on the present day from a man who has some real miles on his tires. His social narrative of the game of hip hop by todays standards (of both what it is, and what it isn’t) articulated through the classic art of urban rhymes, the style and content earns its title late night urban beat poetry, This track has all the musical production value of classic hip hop sound, born from analog dreams from an earlier time, combined with the vocal cadence, timber and delivery of a Jack Kerouac poem. The rhythm of the vocals are delivered with swagger and a refreshing crisp, audible delivery of the dictation, so that you always can understand what the lyrics are while you follow the raw story of how it was and and how it is now.

Link to Late Nite Urban Beat Poets

The follow up effort heard in the next single, titled Subhuman, is definitely a more modern approach in its production value, but doesn’t stray from its original roots in the true hip hop sound. It opens with real vinyl scratch from BC#9’s Technics turntable. It folds into a pocket driven, tight ass beat filled with that trademark slick production style, blending old school R&B with that modern day hip hop beat-driven, groove filled rhythm. With Jay Z sounding vocal shout outs and call backs, this tale is told by the artist Medieval Guillotine. This story takes place from circa 1986 to present day. Different from the last track in the respect that Medieval hails from the island of Trinidad, he makes reference to the fact that his rhymes are “so ill”, but how can he gain the street credit that comes with his killer vernacular if nobody can understand his flow through his distinctive accent that ddrives the vocals he throws. His story is a heart felt emotional tale of coming of age musically in the United States as a refugee. In this song, he sings of no holds barred rage and glory, and of finding his own voice as a tool to exercise and prove his identity by fighting artistically to earn respect, utilizing one metaphor after another. First his written word, then twisted into his sick delivery of those poetic lyrics, into a flow that grows with his rhymes in each line, each time getting more confident and more sophisticated in his delivery and clever playfulness, his almost obvious subliminal punchlines coldly directed to his girlfriend, who is obviously frightened by his bold and scary statements.They are his truths, and he can only express them though his vocal art form. His feelings are only given real legitimacy when one reads between the lines of the actual written words that ultimately come out as rhymes that (like in most cases) have two meanings; the one that is sung out loud and the one that is sung silently. That is one of the many things that I have always loved about hip hop. There is the story that is told, and there is the story that the listener (if he or she has the right ears) can hear within the story. It’s like you’re hearing another story that nobody else gets to hear, unless they are also down with the flow. This story has such strong, powerful lyrics and rhymes that are delivered hard and straight up with no apologies. As we reach the chorus, Medieval shows his true heart. “I’m not askin’ you to forgive or like me, you judge as you dance
with the darkest of sons, emotionally built like a subhuman, medieval, medieval”.
That verse, with the chorus that tells the whole story in just a few lines, and you find your self singing along and identifying in your own personal way as the meaning sucks you in more and more. Thats the trademark of a truly magical song; when the mix between a beat and melody immediately engages you and then the story is told in such a way that before you realize it , you’re all in. Then, before you know it, you hit repeat on your iPhone or computer to hear it again and again.

Link to Subhuman

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