Cheers Dutch By @BEZ_Official

May 25, 2015 7:11 am

Cheers Dutch By @BEZ_Official

Standing on the streets of Ottawa in front of Parliament Hill in early March, blossoming hip-hop artist and Algonquin student Broedy Peake rapped his song Ghost Loft for the camera.

Three years ago, Peake, now 18, started making beats and experimenting musically with friends.

Today, Peake is working towards releasing an album in the summer of 2015 titled Young and the Reckless. He has recently signed with a new music group out of Miami called ATLAS. Peake has been filming his Ghost Loft video with Chris G.A. Torres, a communications student at the University of Ottawa.

Peake’s manager and the chief executive officer at ATLAS Music Group-AGM, Ced Simmons, sees massive potential from the Ottawa resident.

“His music is reality,” said Simmons. “I first thought it had a ’70s vibe. He is very versatile.”

Peake first connected with Simmons through Twitter, eventually signing a contract with him in January.

Since signing, Simmons has been working on promotions for Peake.

“I hope to get him out here in Miami in the next two months,” said Simmons.

Simmons plans to reach out to radio stations to play Peake’s music not only in Miami and Ottawa but across the globe, hopefully sparking superstardom.

Peake has also worked with other producers including DramaBeats, ProLogic and BLU3 BLOOD.

“They helped me either make the beat or master my track for me,” said Peake.

Through networking with friends from his past two high schools, Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and Tagwi Secondary School, he received over 10,000 views on his video in a month. Today, some of his videos have over 20,000 views.

“I’m taking a break of single uploads but I’m working on my album to upload in the summer,” said Peake who is focusing on lyrics and collaborations.

Peake recently adopted the stage name B-EZ, suggested by his manager.

” I don’t want to be a gangster rapper,” said Peake with a chuckle. “I wanted my own name but sometimes I have a different persona when I sing.”

Peake writes his music anywhere and everywhere.

“I write about anything in life,” said Peake. “Things from the past, whatever I feel in the moment. ”

Peake hopes to perform more but is waiting until his music and name become further recognized.

“I really like his music,” said Mathew LeBurn, a fellow graduate of STA high school . “His lyrics are meaningful and he has a great beat to his music. I hope the best for him and believe he will do very well.”

Peake believes his biggest supporters are the people at ATLAS, his family and friends. Because he attended two high schools, he feels he has a large network of friends and is thankful for their support.

“It’s kinda cool, two potential schools following my music,” said Peake.

Now attending Algonquin, Peake could win the attention of a third school and continue to rise in the music industry.

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