Chocolate Girl By @joyjjeanette

April 1, 2016 6:20 am

Chocolate Girl By @joyjjeanette

Hello, my name is Dr. Joy Jeanette Fluker. I go by the artist name of Joy Jeanette. I am also CEO

of Dr. J. J. Fluke Entertainment, (, a company that provides songwriting

services. I would like to begin this introduction by telling you what I consider as success which I

hope will be the result of a collaboration with your company should you agree that I have a solid

strategic plan:


 Have a record deal as an artist with a major label and my debut album sells millions

 Be a recognized entertainer worldwide and make millions

 Become a recognized, singer / songwriter / producer with a thriving entertainment

company able to get deals and create songs for new talent


 Be an inspiration to single moms and show them that kids are a joyous slowdown not a

cease and desist on life and living their dreams

 Inspire those in prison and jail to get out and make a difference

 Inspire women to get out of abusive relationships and make something more out of their


 Support education endeavors and continue to do academic research using my doctoral


 Be able to relate to and be the voice of those who are on public assistance, single moms,

prisoners, those in abusive relationships, those who are in the business world, those in the

academic world, and those who love good entertainment to continue to seek their dreams

no matter how old or young they are and no matter how many curve balls life sends them.

In doing so I can offer your brand an experienced business professional who has been through

being raised in a church community, home schooled, only allowed to watch movies older than

1960, living on the run with my mom from the age of 13 to 18, went on to marry a documented

abusive husband to only be thrown in prison for two years when I fought him back. Then having

the blessed fortune of getting out winning a Battered Woman’s Clemency from the governor

making national news, and going on to achieve a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, and a

doctoral degree, now working for a fortune 10 company. Even with all this bad and good fortune

my heart has always been in music ever since I was a child watching Walt Disney movies only to

learn the songs. As a child I was only allowed to sing Gospel songs, particularly Mahalia

Jackson, which I became very good at and was asked to sing her songs at various events. As an

adult I choose the educational path over my musical dreams to ensure stability for children since

I knew for a while they would be without a father. Now that they are well on their way I am

returning to my dream and want to show the world that if I can do it so can they and be solid

proof that multiple dreams can come true if you take the courage and the stand to pursue them. If

you have the time, more details on my story prior to the clemency and expungement, with the

exception of a few misspoken details, can be found in this article written by the Chicago Reader: For any inquiries please

contact Joy Jeanette at [email protected] or by phone at 770-912-9126.

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