Ewil – Dat Yo Bitch @StreetNotesLiv_

March 20, 2016 11:14 am

Ewil – Dat Yo Bitch @StreetNotesLiv_

Is a man that has a will to serve a purpose that loves to do music and entertain. Eric Wilson grew up in Pasadena CA. Playing sports was his get away from the streets and his harsh environment he lived. His dreams were to be a football star, but those dreams were suddenly changed when he discovered he had Cancer Hodgkin disease. At the age of 16 he fought it and was blessed to have a Bone Marrow transplant, which was successful. During the time he was sick his love for writing came into play and he started his quest in music. He joined a group The Impire Family and from then they begin to record. He received one wish from the Make A Wish Foundation and his wish was granted by, Michael Jackson MJJ Music. The Black and White Story. Is His story of the untold story of the man and his will to serve his purpose and do what he loves to do which is music and entertainment.

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