Freedom of The DJ – Episode 1 ‘INTRODUCING’

August 19, 2014 9:19 am

Freedom of The DJ – Episode 1 ‘INTRODUCING’ – StreetSeekers Live UK Urban Internet Radio Station

Episode One – ‘INTRODUCING’ is the kickoff episode to the UK DJ series. Discovering the birth and evolution of the DJ, telling the story through the sequinned revolution that was disco, discovering who the first DJ was to mix live on British TV, how house music made it over to the UK, through to the mass market global domination of DJ’s it is today.

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Director/Editor: Rick Stanton
Producers:Penny Gabriel and Adam Vessey
Camera Operators:Rick Stanton and Michael Baxter
Sound Recordist: Robbie Churches
Archive Footage: Kinolibrary and ITN Source

With special thanks to all the cast:
Zed Bias, Boddika, Erol Sabadosh, Greg Wilson, Show N Prove, Mike Knowler, Adam Saville, Adam Deacon, Amy Becker, Lone, Jason Mark Allen, Moxie, Jonas Rathsman, Andy Carroll

Music credits:
Mooney – Relax –
Chuck Roberts – Mu House
Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside –
Boddika – Acid Jackson
Boddika – Warehouse

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StreetSeekers Live UK Urban Internet Radio Station

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