G-Facts By @PeezyPREALLAE

October 26, 2015 10:36 am

G-Facts By @PeezyPREALLAE

Peezy P REALLAE is a up and coming miami artist from the north miami area and has putting in some work,he has 4 mixtapes,G-Facts Vol 1 and No Pen No Pad Vol 1to 3 and is working on #4 and has a album out right now on iTunes and Google play by the name Clown City and has much more music to come and just know he is the streets of miami and you can hear it in his music and he is making a name for himself,so ya’ll make sure ya’ll go check him out on sound cloud and follow him on Facebook and twitter as well and we hold u like what you hear.

Twitter Name @PeezyPREALLAE

Facebook Peezy P

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