Kang Swami – Lac Sitting Low ReMix [@kangswami357]

December 24, 2014 9:37 pm

Kang Swami – Lac Sitting Low ReMix

He brings the calm back to Hip Hop. It doesn?t matter if it is high hats or an up-tempo beat, Kang Swami tha khrist delivers a robust, musical flavor that leaves you feeling light and lifted. In an age where the average listener no longer pays close attention to wordplay, he has mastered a way to get your mind off of a hypnotic beat and on to a hearty and healthy serving of ?Food for Thought?.

Growing up in Houston, Texas his stepfather was one of the biggest promoters around with an extensive music collection. It was that collection that introduced him to P-funk and left a huge creative impression on his mind. He was fascinated by various acts such as: Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. That record collection was just the beginning spark. Ever since that day, he has been an avid student of music, life, and culture. Music evolved even more and birthed a genre called ?Hip Hop?. It was the fusion of style, beats, and deliverance that solidified his relationship with music forever. With more positive examples such as: Run DMC and LL Cool J, he knew that it was either music or nothing.

He began entering rap battles at school and soon gained a reputation for killing any competition pitted against him. This was where he really began to polish his craft. He was more than good, he was great. By the time he graduated from high school, he had entered and placed in several school talent shows. He is a fine mixture of P-Funk, Hip Hop, and Soul. In the early 90?s, he went on to perform with ?Mob under the Influence?- A famous P-funk slash hip hop group based in Houston, Texas. They were most known for their high energy shows and elaborate costumes.

Today, he is a teacher and master of himself through deep breaths and meditation. His music is a strong balance of streets and spirituality. He isn?t just P-Funk or Hip Hop, He is music. His art has evolved with his life. He went from a Student of P-Funk and Hip Hop to Christian Hip Hop, not to be trapped in the guiles of religion, At the end of the day, he has found himself through meditation. His music serves as a perfect balance between physical and spiritual realm of life. Everyone can relate from the trappers, movers and shakers, to single mothers. His music doesn?t just fit one particular group, it is universal.

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