The Marney Bros

Marney Bros

The Marney brother’s are just that. Two talented brothers with passion and determination for music.

Daniel (D-Lush) got his first set of decks in his early teens and seemed a natural from the beginning.
Dion (Snoopy D) was always more vocal with his musical hobbies, he started out rapping and beat boxing. Then eventually he began dj-ing as well.
So what can we expect from them now?
Two Brothers bringing you the best of Garage, Deep house, Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep. Mixed with pure talent, passion and love for giving what you deserve!
And if you’re lucky, only if you’re lucky. You may get to hear an original D-lush tune. (OH YES HE PRODUCES TOO, is there no end to the brothers talent)

For bookings contact:
twitter @MarneyBrothers