OverGrind By @cmomoneytft

January 14, 2015 9:58 am

OverGrind By @cmomoneytft

C-Mo Money was born Corey Christopher Moore on October 9th, 1990. He was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in the suburbs with his parents and three older siblings.
C-Mo Money says, growing up as a kid, music has always been a huge part of his life. He grew up on music and listened to it in his parents car on his way to and from school, and while doing his homework and chores around the house. In his opinion, growing up in the 90’s listening to hip-hop and R&B was considered some of the best music ever.
He was inspired and influenced by his older brother TJ to do music. C-Mo Money really got into music at the tender age of 10. He says, hearing his older brother rapping and listening to Snoop Dogg’s, “Doggy Style.” He knew from that moment on he was destined to be a musician. Especially, after his brother validated him as a true artist.
However, music wasn’t always his only interest. Growing up as a teen C-Mo Money, was involved in sports until he discovered he was too small to continue and could no longer further his career. So, he gave sports up and got a job. Soon he became bored with the working world and decided to try his hand at something different. He figured he would find a way to make some easy money and started selling weed. That certainly didn’t last long, which helped him to realize the consequences that would soon follow. He quit and shifted his focus back to music.
Especially, after his daughter now 2 years old was born. She is the greatest blessing and inspiration of his life. C-Mo Money is a TFT Artist, which stands for “The Family Tree.” When C-Mo Money, is not spending time with his family, you’ll usually find him hard at work in the studio.
C-Mo Money says, he came up with the concept my past in my future because without a painful past to grow from there can’t possibly be a successful future. By having a bitter sweet past he chose to make a positive change.
Over the past six months C-Mo Money has acquired numerous tracks and just finished shooting his video “I’m From Texas.” He will be releasing another single from his upcoming project, “My Past Is My Future” in November. The CD is due to be released the early first quarter of 2015.

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