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July 19, 2016 12:21 pm


My name is Micah, a 26 year old solo Hip Hop artist from Manchester,UK. Helped form the rap collective The 3Dom Writerz and is half of UK Hip Hop duo TrueNorth along with friend and fellow artist J. Bunna. Worked with UK Collective Boxing With God for a brief spell and im a member of UK Hip Hop Collective

Soul Tactix (STX).

Began writing music aged 13 and by age 17 was approached by numerous UK based record labels. Working with then manager David O’Conner in Aerial Studios and his team, my debut EP featuring artists such as Luke Cusato and Merika was all set to be released until unforeseen financial reasons forced the close of the studio and the inevitable cancellation of the EP.
Not to be deterred I continued writing and recording, generating more interest from UK record labels while also preforming with such names as (BBK’s) C-Gritz, UK beatbox champion
Mr Phormula, UK Hip Hop duo PhilliN’Dotz and the legendary Cuban Brothers.
My highly anticipated debut album Early Mornings and Late Nights is due for release at the end of the year working closely with lifelong friend and producer Sample Wilson.
The TrueNorth LP in collaboration with fellow artist and lifelong friend J Bunna is a matter of months away with features from artists such as Si Poole from The Loose Kites and CJ Morrison from Click22.
I am also a resident at Humble Hip Hop, a platform for UK artists to congregate and preform to packed crowds every month.
I also take part in spoken word jams across the UK.

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