SOUP – Don’t Shoot The Messenger @Soup_HipHop

July 19, 2016 1:11 pm

SOUP – Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I am a hip-hop artist from Augusta, GA that simply has a deep rooted passion for music. I Believe in what I stand for and stand for what I believe in, which is Art, Honor, Respect, Faith, & Music!
We all encounter hardships, Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of bad hands dealt to me, but this message is to remind the person reading this to; not to forget, not to quit on your dreams, and Believe in yourself!
I would like to take this time to thank God and everyone involved in this movement. The audience my music is intended for is the person(s) that truly care for the music in the art that it is. No ethnicity, generation, or genre singled out, sip the Soup! God Bless & Let Love and Peace be from within!

Twitter: Soup@Soup_HipHop
Instagram: Soup_HipHop
iTunes:  Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Single by Soup


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