Splurge Money By @BANDZ15208

January 6, 2016 7:06 pm

Splurge Money By Bandz

Straight from the violent streets of Homewood, a local neighborhood in the Pittsburgh area, is Bandz, formerly known as Binky Bandz. He is the founder and CEO of Doze Boy ENT, a local record label out of the Pittsburgh area. His rap career started off from his love of music and only began as a hobby. The more music he made, the more he put into his work; thus, leading to his passion of making music. With only three and a half years of experience, Bandz has shown a lot of improvement in his lyrical skills. Rapping about his life in the streets from a youngin to now is his way of release and where a lot of his music really begun. He has put in a lot of time and work in the studio, releasing six mixtapes and is currently in the studio working on his 7th and 8th mixtapes. In addition to his released mixtapes, has a great number of material that hasn’t been released yet.

In addition to all his hard work in the studio, Bandz has also shot a great number of videos that can be viewed on YouTube. He also has a number of videos featured on World Star Hip Hop as well. He’s had videos with features from known artists such as Wooh Da Kid, Hardo, and OJ da Juiceman, just to name a few. In fact, his video “Brickz” with OJ was recently featured on the newly released, “Pittsburgh Documentary,” which is a documentary featuring a number of local recording artists in and around the Pittsburgh area. The video can also be found on World Star Hip Hop.

Bandz has also put in work on the road as well, doing shows and videos in various areas from Akron, Ohio to Miami, Florida. When he’s not traveling or in the studio laying down tracks, Bandz is hard at work on his upcoming clothing line which is COMING SOON. In addition to that, he and his wife co-own an online women’s boutique due to re-launch on May 15, 2015. It’s no wonder “’hard work” and “dedication” are words often associated when you hear his name.

With Bandz’ love for music and a rapping style that some have described as unique and different from a lot of other local artists, he just wants everyone to know where he’s come from, what he’s been through, and where he wants to be. He wants everyone to know that he won’t stop nor will he be stopped!

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