UFO By @Kinideez

March 15, 2016 8:13 am

UFO By @Kinideez

Who Are The Black Kinideez?…

The Black Kinideez are an established group of talented writers, producers, and artists
originating from “Pasadena” California. We conduct ourselves like true gentleman and
businessmen, while demonstrating leadership skills in an effort to reach hiphop fans
globally. Our style can be classified as “smooth, upbeat, and bouncy,” reminiscent of
mid-late 90’s or what’s often referred to as the “golden era” of mainstream hiphop.
Production is often original with occasional samples, backed by clever wordplay which
makes this sound so distinct, yet intoxicating.
How did the Black Kinideez get to where they are now?…
Coming from such a music loving community, we all came together sharing the same
passion for our craft. From that point on we made a pact, and set musical goals to
accomplish while polishing our skills as artists. We call ourselves the Black Kinideez
because we sum up the professional manerism’s and charateristics as the famous political

What are we doing now?…

The Black Kinideez are working on a few projects themed “The Urban Galaxy Project,
Function Music, and a Mixtape (Billboard Beast Project)” A collaborative composition
that will be available to fans for download via iTunes, just before the summer of of 2016.
We are currently filming videos and promoting the new projects, and developing a mass
social-media following.

What is the future like for The Black Kinideez?…

The future for The Black Kinideez is blindingly bright. We’ll be returning to Europe,
covering more cities while serenading crowds and gaining new admirers. Thus setting the
stage for a grand opening and a new, fresh, Kinidee project set to be released in early

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