The Ugly Side Of Football – Serbia vs. Albania

October 28, 2014 2:50 pm

Football and corruption are two words that are often seen together more than they should be. From betting scandals to World Cup hosting, corruption has been the bane of the beautiful game for many a year.

FIFA have been in the spotlight for the last few years after their dubious decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. This cued many rumours of FIFA representatives being paid for their vote, some of which are true some of which are not.

It now seems another allegation of corruption against another governing body, UEFA, is coming.

Recently in a Eur0 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania political tensions between the boiled onto the pitch after a small drone carrying the Albanian was flown over the pitch. This prompted Serbian fans to invade the pitch and attack the Albanian players.

Watch this video below to see what happened that night. Albania are in white, Serbia are in red.

Now with that video in mind how would you feel if we told you that UEFA awarded Serbia a 3-0 win because it decided that Albania abandoned the match? Yes Serbia did get docked 3 points but how can you say Albania abandoned the match?! They were being attacked by stools. Both FA’s were also charged 100,000 Euros.

The head of UEFA is Michel Platini is French and after a bit of research it’s clear to see that relations between France & Serbia are very good so maybe he did not want to strain them.

Either way this decision seems to be a strange one as no Albanian fans were even allowed in the stadium. Let’s hope our beautiful game isn’t involved in controversies like this again.

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