Wu-Gang USA @wugangusa – @obi.wu – @skoolboyredd

January 24, 2017 7:56 am

Wu-Gang USA (W.G.U.S.A) is an American Rap group consisting of two brothers, Obi.Wu and SkoolBoy Redd, originating from Houston, Texas. These two brothers have created what is known today as “Wu Wave” which is influenced by the huge impact they are able to make throughtout various cities and states doing what they love most, MUSIC. Through their music they are able to reach out to various artists and students giving them hope and encouraging them to continue to chase their dreams. So it is their intention to continue to reach individuals worldwide allowing them to gravitate to their brand of music which is a pathway into their lifestyle; leaving one message which is to “become a slave to the wave”.

Wu-Gang USA @wugangusa – @obi.wu – @skoolboyredd

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