Katia Kubacki Interview By @DJPAPPICHULASO

March 11, 2018 6:46 pm

How are you?

I’ve actually just come out of hospital but I’m alive and kicking!

Whats your name and give us an introduction to yourself?

My names Katia or Tattooed Katia as some may know me from instagram and facebook but you can call me Kat. I am a model/actress/MC/Muay Thai enthusiast that has a few tattoos and has won a few competitions and graced a couple of magazine covers!

How did you get into modeling?

I started modeling about 4 years ago now. After being in an abusive relationship (physically,mentally and emotionally) I escaped and was feeling pretty low about myself and a friend of mine was running a competition for tattoos and made me enter. It all kind of just grew from there.

How did it feel doing ya first photo shoot?

Man it felt so weird, I was not comfortable with my body and this photographer is known world wide so I was nervous as hell but he was so great at making me feel comfortable and at ease and I still look at those photos now and go WOW.

Who inspired you to get into modeling?

I wanted to do more then modeling, but my main inspiration has to be Dolly Parton, absolute sweet heart and sense of humour that is gold and a voice that captivates every generation. (I just can’t sing) lol
Modeling wise I also looked up to Janice Dickinson, she did what ever wanted on her terms, spoke her mind and had fun while doing so. She also copped a lot of shit and still came out on top.

What advice can you give to up coming models?

Don’t take advice from someone who isn’t were you want be or achieved something greater then you already have. The naysayers are strong in the world but the positive people are out there.

Whats a typical day for you when in a shoot?

Early rise I always start my morning with a walk along the beach, it just clears my head; I normally listen to inspirational stuff on youtube and then I shower get myself organized, head to hair and makeup which is always so much better then me doing it myself! Then its a drive to location where im met by photographer, wardrobe stylist and normally an assistant is present. Then its outfit changes, makeup touch ups, might change locations, some stretching if I’m posing in awkward positions (which 9/10 girls will happen). Then once the shoot is complete and everyone is happy its off home to scrub my face put on my comfy clothes and relax with my pup.

Whats ya story behind your tattoos?

Which ones? haha the wings on my back are for my friend that passed away (forever my angel, forever has my back).
My leg is Japanese so I have a geisha that is tattooed which represents new school beauty with old school traditions
On the inside is Jurugomo which is an old Japanese folk law which was a spider that use to transform into a lady to lure the sailors in and kill them (so don’t take people on face value.)
The dragon and the tiger are the Japanese Ying and Yang

How to you keep in great shape?

Muay thai, diet and the beach. I am always going for a swim or a walk along the beach.

What exercise routines you have?

Morning beach walks and if I am brave ill go for a swim. followed by either a strength and conditioning session or agility session including pad work and technique.

Whats your diet? Any preffered cuisine you eat?

I am such a seafood person I literally live off tuna and salmon with fresh veggies. Cheat meal is definitely Mexican or Italian though!

Where are you currently staying? Wheres the best places clubs, restaurants and things for me to do in that city?

Sydney has absolutely gone to the dogs. Kings cross is dead due to one person closing most night clubs, creating ridiculous lock out laws and creating a massive casino so people have no choice other then to go to Barrangarro or Star City Casinos which will just make gambling a huge issue (I absolutely hate gambling). Darling Harbour is nice for dinning but I much rather get some fresh seafood from my local market go down to the beach and watch the sunset.

Whats your favorite city you been to and why?

Switzerland has by far been my favourite place, it is so beautiful and the people are amazing but I am dying to go to America!

What motivates you?

That’s a really tough question, I use to be motivated by other girls trying to find their way and helping them especially other domestic abuse survivors or others that suffer from body dismorphia but now I don’t really see the point. Instagram is fake, facebook is fake and creating a generation that is connected yet so lonely and once upon a time girls were paid for publications. Now girls are doing it for free for likes. I just don’t get it. Why are they seeking validation off these people that are only going to criticize them? At least make some money off your posts.

Who do you listen to in general for knowledge and what did you learn from them?

My gut, I’ve been offered a lot of opportunities I have passed down due to my morals. I’d rather stand for something then fall for anything.

Whats your preferred music, current artists you vibe too?

Post Malone is my current fav, his takes on 90’s grunge with his voice… pure magic.
Of all time? The Eagles, A Perfect Circle and Drake

Where you see yaself in 5 years time?

Running my family business, travelling as often as possible and happily married with a baby on the way (better start looking for a husband)

If you wasent involved in the modeling what career path would you have been involved in and why?

Definitely a rock star.

Give out all your social media for people to keep up with you


Anything you wanna say before this interview ends?

Nothing is ever as it seems. Break the rules. Don’t listen to negative people.



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