The Life of YJ

October 28, 2014 2:50 pm

I recently had the chance to catch up with South London rapper YJ about his phenomenal progress in music this year. The 2014 MOBO Unplugged Nominee spoke of his musical journey thus far and shared his thoughts and experiences about the Entertainment Industry. YJ is a member of the ORPGHANG collective of artists who work together to promote originality and positivity within the emerging UK entertainment scene.

YJ has been a rising success since the release of his ‘Deal Or No Deal’ mixtape last year followed by his video release of ‘Where do we go’ this February. It’s obvious that the hard work is paying off as YJ has reached the Top 3 for the MOBO Unplugged Awards which he is pleasantly surprised by and describes as “overwhelming”. The creative artist admits that he set a few goals for himself to achieve this year and one of which just happens to be making it to the MOBOs !!

It’s been a good year for YJ who was also given the opportunity to support American Rappers Method Man and Red Man in concert earlier this year . The new Hip Hop sensation from Peckham, South London explains that his love for music derives from his passion to express himself and on behalf of others that have been through similar life struggles and situations. Living in an area that is negatively associated with gang crime and violence YJ strives to eradicate the stereotypes by inspiring friends, family and individuals in the community to embrace positivity with his Organic music.

YJ is taken back by the amazing reception he has received by listeners across the UK and declares that there is still much more to come! The inspirational musician leaves us with these final words of advice for emerging artist in the game “Focus on you, be real to yourself and what you feel is right. Set yourself goals and chase that rather than chasing trends


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